Relationship Rules: Top 8 Rules You Should Get Rid Of

Relationship Rules

After you’ve had your fair share of problems in past relationships, it’s likely that you’ve learned what relationship rules exist while making efforts to abide by them. But, let’s be honest, most of the information bits are outdated and don’t apply to all cases. So it’s best to toss them to the curb. In other words, this post opens you up to the relationship rules you should avoid as a lady.

Wait for him to initiate the conversation

Whether it’s in bed or in some other aspect of your relationship, the better philosophy to follow is that if you feel like doing anything, don’t let anyone deter you. Don’t expect him to finish anything first on every occasion. In other words, give yourself the liberty of going for everything you think is necessary at any point.

Be completely frank with each other

For the sake of sincerity, telling your lover that he’s a poor kisser or that you despise his fashion decisions won’t help the relationship survive. So, if you wish to spend as much time with him as possible, keep in mind that no-holds-barred sincerity can only extend to you and your pet.

Be Each other’s B.F.F.

Although it’s true that best friends are the first people you turn to for help when you’re in trouble, best friends are people who do not mess with each other. So, stick to being just his girlfriend, except you’re okay with not being able to have sex with him.

Never, ever, ever go to bed upset

Staying up late to work out your problems with your boyfriend when you know you’re not in the best of moods isn’t a smart or mature decision. Instead, go to bed and sleep on it so you both don’t have to deal with undue drama or sleep deprivation. You’ll be shocked by how much smarter you’ll respond with a full night’s sleep.

When Required, Issue Ultimatums

Don’t be misled into thinking that asking your partner to choose between you and his mom, friend, puppy, or other things you feel are more important to him than you is the right thing to do. Doing that would force him to do things he doesn’t want. He may eventually despise you as a result. And trust me, you do not want to be in that situation.

Fight It Out

The longest and most stable marriages have their share of petty and major conflicts. That isn’t to say you can compete with your boyfriend over any issue where your viewpoints differ. Fights may be draining and stressful, and they aren’t really as safe as people believe. More specifically, there are far more effective and smarter solutions to your problems.

Sex Should Never Be on Schedule

You should have sex with your boyfriend whenever and wherever you want because Y.O.L.O. The concept is very appealing but quickly becomes too intense as life unfolds. So, before succumbing to life’s inexorable sense of timing, set aside some time for vital pillow talk and cuddling.

Play the Game Hard to Get

Your partner’s brain is programmed to enjoy the thrill of the chase. Hope he’s told you how dealing with you while you’re playing your hard-to-get card wasn’t all that pleasant. Yeah, that’s a clear indication this is one of the obsolete relationship rules. This does not imply that you must make it easy for him. True, he’ll have to put in some work, but be there for him when he needs you.

What Are the 5 Most Important Things in a Relationship?

The five most important things in a relationship are:

  1. Communication
  2. Respect.
  3. Boundaries.
  4. Trust.
  5. Support.

What Is a Golden Relationship?

One of the Golden Rule’s basic tenets is that how you treat another person is unrelated to how that person treats you. In other words, you follow safe working practices even when others don’t. Each partner takes the lead in ensuring that the other is treated fairly, justly, and sensitively.

What Are the Basic Needs of a Relationship?

Consider the most fundamental survival requirements: water, air, food, and shelter. You can stay alive by meeting these physical necessities, but there’s more to life than that. Companionship, affection, security, and gratitude can’t be seen or touched, yet they’re just as valuable.


There are a thousand and one rules out there intended to guide a relationship down the right road; what is important is finding the rule that applies to both partners and how they can structure it around their relationship if you feel you are one to need rules in your relationship try not to go overboard you won’t want your partner feeling like he or she is in a boarding school.

Relationship rules that work

Rules to strengthen a relationship

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