Five Key Tips to Overcome a One-Sided Relationship

A one-sided relationship is a type of romantic relationship in which an imbalance exists. This usually means one of the partners is more committed when it comes to giving time and other things to the growth of the relationship than the other. There is no equilibrium.

In a one-sided relationship, one can feel used and overstressed by the other. Sometimes, in a one-sided relationship, one person puts in a lot more in terms of resources such as time, money, emotional investment, etc, and in turn, this person gets little or even nothing. The issues faced in a one-sided relationship can actually be tackled with the five tips below.

Problem Recognition

Recognizing the problem is the first step to take. You have to be aware that there is actually a problem. When you are in a relationship, it becomes a part of you; you tend to engage in certain things that become a lifestyle and habit; in this case, it would be very difficult to tell if there is a problem.

Be observant, and do not jump to conclusions. Jumping to conclusions is the beginning of a failed relationship. Relying on assumptions instead of actual communication is the best way to set yourself up for relationship failure. In a real, healthy relationship, two adults talk things out.

Having a little diary of your relationship

This follows on from number one. To be sure that it is a one-sided relationship and that you’re not happy in the relationship, it’s important to keep a record of all the important moments in the relationship and what you’re feeling. This is a very vital part.

Reread what you have written. But this should be done a few days after writing. It will help you know exactly how you feel and what is happening around you.

Do not assume things

Drawing a conclusion without concrete proof is very wrong. Assumptions are usually responsible for a lot of misunderstandings in relationships and eventually lead to failure. If you’re telling yourself it’s a one-sided relationship and using text messages as proof, you may want to take a step back and observe other forms of communication. It is advisable to practice being open and honest.

Your expectations in a relationship

It’s time to think about what you’re lacking and why you feel this is a one-sided relationship. Think about your needs and wants and share them with your partner. If your partner simply can’t listen, it may be a sign that it is a one-sided relationship. Recognizing the signs of a one-sided relationship isn’t the key thing, but the most important thing is recognizing the love you desire and yearn for.

Communication of grievances

One of the problems with the one-sided relationship is that one partner is benefiting more than the other. It is advisable to let your partner know of the imbalance when you have drawn a conclusion that you are in a one-sided relationship. If the partner refuses to change after being aware of the imbalance, then the relationship won’t work.

Recognition of the signs of a one-sided relationship and also knowing what exactly you want that you are actually missing out on are the key things to consider. Remember your happiness is very important.

Are One-Sided Relationships Toxic?

They can make someone feel rejected and ignored. This can be harmful to a person’s emotional well-being.

Can a One-Sided Relationship Work?

One-sided relationships are still two persons, but only one person does the effort in these partnerships. Even if you are completely dedicated to your partner, it may not be enough to keep your relationship alive and well.

What Does a One-Sided Relationship Look Like?

You’re exhausted with the relationship. You don’t feel like you have a genuine, deep relationship with others. Your partner never makes a sacrifice for you that is significant to them.

What Is Gaslighting in a Relationship?

Gaslighting is a common method of manipulation in abusive relationships. It’s a sort of covert emotional abuse in which the bully or abuser deceives the target by fabricating a story and making them doubt their own judgments and reality.


A way out of one-sided relationships could be really complicated. But I guess these tips above should set things in perspective.

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