Free Marriage Counseling: Worksheets & Apps

When marriages do not seem to work anymore, couples are often advised to go see a therapist or attend free marriage counseling seminars if they can’t afford a therapist. Counseling involves helping people change their thinking, feelings, and behavior. This process takes a small amount of time for some people, while it is a long process for others. Free marriage counseling comes in when a couple can not afford to pay for counseling sessions. These free sessions can be held in your home church with your pastor; they may be organized by schools or as a seminar. I have seen one organized online.

In the case of free online marriage counseling, you may be given a 7-day free trial with your spouse. In such cases, after the free trial, you must pay to continue these sessions. But then, most couples tend to achieve or get what they want at the end of the free trial.

Free Marriage Counseling Apps

#1. Lasting:

This application makes couple counseling simple. It helps you and your partner nurture an emotional connection and repair relationship issues. It gives you free access to their foundation series.- five sessions covering the basics of relationship health.

However, ongoing use of Lasting premium requires an active subscription, available monthly or yearly.

#2. ReGain:

This platform focuses on providing therapy to people in relationships, be it a couple or individual. They have strict policies and employ only trained and licensed therapists.

In the signing-up process, you can choose to sign up with your partner or do it alone. Once you sign up, a trained therapist is assigned to you.

ReGain is one of the websites with topmost security in addition to having your own private therapist.

Free Marriage Counseling Worksheets

A worksheet is usually a document on which problems are sorted or worked out, and answers are recorded. These documents, however, help maintain a relationship.

A few of the best worksheets that can help a couple strengthen their bond are listed below.

#1. Good Qualities:

This worksheet helps you and your partner recall the good qualities you have within you, especially if your relationship is filled with misunderstandings and arguments.

Most times, all it takes is to remind two partners or couples what it means or how it feels to be in love.

Therefore, the Good Quality Worksheet includes your most cherished moments and the things you love about your partner.

#2. About Your Partner Worksheet:

This worksheet reminds a couple about the special connection they have. The instructions direct the couple to take turns asking each other questions.

However, asking and answering these questions helps a couple feel closer and learn more about each other.

#3. Appreciative Inquiry:

A couple can use this approach to open up their past and look at their successes and strengths as a couple.

This helps a couple remember that they are a team with common goals and common desires. In this Worksheet, couples take time to visualize how they would like to be and design concrete steps to maintain their relationship.

However, most marriages have been saved due to these therapy sessions.

Free Marriage Therapy Online

Truthshare has made it easy to find a marriage counselor online. We’ve included a link to receive professional counseling, where you may choose a counselor who can deal with you and your husband or with you individually. If you need a more flexible way to meet with a counselor, online counseling is a great option. We have also provided free marriage counseling online, which includes the option of an anonymous meeting.

After you’ve filled out the information in the link below, you’ll be able to choose a counselor who suits your needs. We have a vast range for you to choose from because we created an online database of counselors and therapists from all around Nigeria. We’ll send the best match to your email, and if it’s not precisely what you’re looking for, we’ll send another.

You can begin your appointment with a marriage therapist online for depression, marital troubles, anxiety, individual psychological problems, and parent-child issues. The nicest thing is that you can meet on your own time while still receiving good care. Our list of counselors is ready, willing, and able to meet with you online to work on your problems.

You will study a broader focus on the bigger picture of your marriage, their relationships, and interactions with each other by working with a marriage therapist. You’ll look at patterns of behavior and figure out how to be more aware of the family’s structure and activities.

Working with a marital and family therapist online isn’t confined to certain difficulties, regardless of which specialist you choose to deal with. MFTs, or marriage and family therapists, work with a wide range of concerns. Depression, anxiety, and substance misuse are just a few of the specializations available to an MFT. 

How To Know When Your Marriage Is In Trouble

There’s something brewing on the horizon if you and your spouse or wife are continually at odds lately (and you haven’t been before). The pressures of everyday life or other personal concerns that one partner may be dealing with are the most common causes of marital problems. This doesn’t always have to be a bad thing for your marriage. If, on the other hand, your marital problems have been going on for a long time and there appears to be no end in sight, your marriage has most certainly taken a turn for the worse.

Improper communication skills and a lack of boundary establishment at the start of a relationship are two of the most common reasons that married couples face enduring marital problems. We may disguise our true desires and concerns throughout the love phase of a relationship for fear of losing the partnership. This just serves to create unrealistic expectations about how your relationship will develop as both individuals disclose their “true selves” later on. To avoid misunderstandings and arguments, married couples must learn how to communicate effectively with one another.

Married couples often find themselves at odds with each other during periods of changing behavior since the “new” behavior is unanticipated. In reality, the conduct isn’t likely to be anything new. What occurred was that you forgot to show up to the relationship as yourself at the start.

When you begin to feel as if you’re walking on eggshells to avoid conversations with your spouse. It’s a clear sign that your marriage is in peril. If it comes to this, you and your husband will need help from a third party.

Benefits Of Online Marriage Counseling

When you and your spouse participate in online marriage counseling, you both obtain unbiased third-party feedback. There’s no need to be concerned about whether you or your partner is making a mistake. A third person can step in and offer an unbiased opinion. Perhaps just seeing your relationship, yourself, and your partner in a new light will be enough to get you back on track and back to wedded bliss.

Learn new communication and coping techniques (for when times get rough)

Many people, especially couples, make the mistake of concluding that they are doomed to divorce because they quarrel. In the vast majority of cases, this is not the case. Arguments occur when one or both partners believe they are not being heard or that their personal boundaries are being violated in some way.

Sessions with a competent therapist can assist both parties in understanding each other’s perspectives. Many couples have expressed the same sentiment: their communication abilities are incompatible. Communication styles and love languages play a role in this.

Can you get marriage counseling free?

Some relationship counselors or “marriage builders” offer free or low-cost couples therapy. You can typically find them at churches, state organizations, and even life coaching centers. Many marriage therapy apps offer new members a free trial.

Is marriage counseling worth the money?

Marriage counseling is, more often than not, SUPER expensive and rarely covered by any type of insurance. The investment can definitely be worth your time, but if money is already a source of stress in your marriage, it’s better to avoid adding any financial stress to the situation.

What is free marriage?

In ancient Rome, Social changes..…of marriage, commonly called “free marriage,” were becoming prevalent. Under this form, the wife no longer came into her husband’s power or property regime but remained in that of her father; upon her father’s death, she became independent with rights to own and dispose of the property.


What measures will you take to improve the quality of your life now that you know how free marriage counseling online can help your marriage? Will you take advantage of the free resources, go on to the next steps, and recommit yourself to your marriage, or will you wait for things to get better on their own? This is never a good idea.

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