Couples Counseling: What Common Relationship Problems Can It Solve?

Couples Counseling: What Common Relationship Problems Can It Solve?

Surely, you’re familiar with couples counseling, stick around to learn what common relationship problems it can actually solve!

Couples therapy is a common mediator in solving issues in relationships and overcoming challenges. Both partners can move past the sticky points and obstacles in the repair process if they follow the therapist’s advice. Many couples face specific problems throughout their relationship but have faith that there are solutions to most of them if they are willing to work at it.

If you want to know if counseling is needed for your marriage or relationship, it’s crucial that you recognize the main issues you’re struggling with and take the time to address each of them. 

This article will discuss the common relationship problems couples counseling can solve and help you achieve the best version of yourselves.

When Do Relationships Start to Experience Common Relationship Problems?

For some, however, that phase of love fades. As time passes and both individuals in the relationship make mistakes, what was once euphoric becomes unbearable.

Many of the most common relationship problems that couples face are small and may be easily avoided with joint effort, understanding, and respect. Although obstacles on the road to marriage are inescapable, if you are aware of them ahead of time, you will be able to overcome them without causing your relationship to collapse.

Nobody is perfect, and no two people will be the same on every level.

Some character flaws, on the other hand, will be expected and acceptable. But if there are habits, such as a little lie here or an indiscretion there, it is important to consider them on a larger scale as the relationship grows.

Is that an ongoing problem that you wish to address on a regular basis, or is it a deal breaker? Something to consider.

Common Relationship Problems Couple Counseling Can Solve


Affairs and infidelity impose a great toll on every relationship. However, there are ways to intervene or repair the broken trust to some point. What’s relevant in this case is to acknowledge the underlying cause and root of your problems and behavior, so you can take the next steps in the healing process.

Couples therapy helps achieve honest communication and allows for a safe relationship environment in the following period. When the cause for the infidelity has been identified, healing and rebuilding trust can occur in your relationship. At first, this can seem like too much work or may feel like an overwhelming experience, but this is where professional help is essential to help you through it. 

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Emotional Needs

Emotional needs like caring, love, attention, and all of the little things you do for your partner can be acknowledged and met. These needs are met when your partner provides you with a feeling of security, comfort, understanding, empathy, and a safe place.

If you feel like your partner is becoming distant, doesn’t share intimate details, or even keeps secrets, it can be a sign that your relationship needs couples counseling. You may feel less intimate and alone, even if your partner is lying next to you.

Sometimes, you’ll feel like the relationship is going to a dead-end and that you don’t understand each other like before. Couples counseling can help identify your partner’s emotional needs and ensure they are met… or at least most of them.


Life events can be traumatic sometimes and result in struggles, with symptoms of trauma showing themselves through PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and more. You might be struggling to bring peace back into your life, and your partner might not know how to help you or how to behave around you.

And that’s completely understandable and normal since it’s a common problem in such relationships. You can help your partner endure daily battles by communicating better and alleviating stress indicators and the root of conflicts by understanding them, being patient, and being comforting. And just by being there when your partner needs you the most. Therapy can help you build the supportive techniques and patterns needed to best help your partner during these challenging times. 

Intimacy Problems

Every relationship struggles with intimacy problems at some point. You may feel like you are not close enough with your partner or like the bond is weaker than usual. The loss of connection may result in intimacy issues since intimacy is crucial in a romantic relationship.

The desire to feel connected and close to your partner might reduce over time, and you might find yourself questioning the reasons you fell in love with this person. Seeking therapy will help you overcome such issues and guide you on the right track in your love journey.

Negative Communication

Negative communication can be a relationship wrecker. It can include harmful words, negative behavior, feelings of depression, insecurity, and disregard. The partner can feel your negative behavior from the tone of your voice and from your nonverbal ways of communicating, like not paying attention when he/she is speaking or scrolling through your phone while at dinner.

According to the studies by Dr. John Gottman, there are four deadly ways of communicating with your partner that can destroy your relationship. These ways are called the Four Horsemen of the Relationship Apocalypse and include criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling.

  • Criticism – it’s often when the partner is complaining about anything.
  • Contempt – you may find yourself mocking, disrespecting, or ridiculing your partner or feeling like your partner is doing that to you.
  • Defensiveness – a response to criticism when one of the partners feels unjustly accused and plays an innocent victim.
  • Stonewalling – a response to contempt that results in shutting down communication with your partner, withdrawing from communication and interaction, or stopping responding

One way to deal with the Horsemen Apocalypse is to make a ritual and have an activity together daily. It can be in the morning. You can drink a cup of coffee together or spend a couple of minutes every evening talking about how your day went.

Start Couples Therapy Today!

If you feel like your relationship is on the rocks, maybe it’s time you start visiting a couple of counselors. You can avoid many potential problems and issues that might destroy your marriage or relationship.

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