TYPES OF KISSES: Understanding the 31+ Different Types, Simplified

Types of kisses

Kissing can be exciting, nerve-racking, comforting, and, now and then, completely awkward. The nuances of kissing depend entirely on context: who you’re kissing, how frequently you’ve kissed them, and the types of kisses. Here is a breakdown of 31+ types of kisses, as well as tips on improving your next smooch.

Kissing is an intimate way of expressing affection and emotions, but it can also be extremely nerve-racking for many people, especially if they haven’t had much experience with it. There are different types of kisses, and each one has a different meaning depending on the circumstances.

31+ Different Types of Kisses

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to master these different simple yet complex types of kisses.

#1. French Kiss

A French kiss is one of the most passionate types of kisses! It’s an intimate and erotic move that will undoubtedly put your partner in the mood for some romance. Begin by tilting in and locking your partner’s lips with yours. Remember to go with the flow; rushing through this divine moment can ruin its feel. Slowly extend your tongue and reach for your partner’s tongue. Just be in the moment, and you’ll nail your ‘perfect kiss’!

#2. Single Lip Kiss

Single lip kisses are the most twee and romantic way to say “I love you” to your partner. Begin by leaning in closer and reaching for one of their lips. Begin by gently romantically sucking the lip. DON’T BITE. Biting during a single lip kiss to show off your wild side is a no-no! Simply place one of their lips between yours and continue sucking to send a strong romantic message!

#3. Lizzy Kiss

Have you ever seen a lizard stick out its tongue? This is a similar kiss in which both participants stick out their tongues and kiss each other without using their lips. It may be a little dirty for some, but for those who share a high level of intimacy, it can be extremely amorous!

#4. American Kiss

An American kiss, like a French kiss, involves deep kissing but without the use of the tongue. Hold your lady close by her waist and kiss her hard. Bend her a little, support her with your hand on her back, and get lost in the romantic moment! It will undoubtedly give you both an erotic rush.

#5. Ice Kiss

Do you want to try a novel way to kiss your partner? Try this ice kiss that will send chills down your and your partner’s spine! Simply place an ice cube between your lips and kiss your partner. Kiss them passionately until the ice melts completely in your mouth. Try this kissing variation that will give your partner goosebumps.

#6. Nibble Kiss

Want to arouse your man with just a kiss? Nibble kisses are both cute and sensual. Simply grab your partner’s lower lip and bite it gently. Do not be too harsh, as this will cause pain and ruin your intimate moment. It will make your make-out session much more exciting and lay the groundwork for much more!

#7. Lip-Trace Kiss

A lip-trace kiss is the sweetest of all, as playful and flirtatious as it gets! Trace your partner’s lips with your tongue, gently kissing them in between. It would undoubtedly spice up your moment and leave your partner wanting for more.

#8. Butterfly Kiss

All you have to do is sit close to your partner and let your eyelashes touch theirs. And as you kiss, flutter your lashes together like butterfly wings. If you want to do a solo kiss, blink your eyelashes against their cheek and watch them blush. It’s adorable, entertaining, and something different to try.

#9. Lip Gloss Kiss

It’s going to be quite amusing. Apply a generous amount of flavored lip gloss to your partner’s lips and wildly kiss them until their lips are coated with it as well. Make it more interesting by asking them to guess the flavor. You can also use tinted lip gloss, but make sure your partner is okay with the act.

#10. Spiderman Kiss

This kiss, inspired by the film, is sure to turn on your partner. To do it, turn your partner’s face upside down so that your upper lip kisses their lower lip and vice versa. This kissing style is unique, simple to execute, and, of course, sensual.

#11. Earlobe Kiss

Who says a kiss has to be only on the lips? All you have to do is place your tongue between your partner’s lips and grab his or her ear. To further seduce them, use a gentle sucking motion, and don’t forget to tug the earlobe downwards gently. Because this area contains nerve endings, your partner will adore it.

#12. Hickey

Hickey may not be considered a kiss, but what’s wrong with being a little daring and trying something new? It (also known as love bite) is a red mark left on the skin when your partner sucks the area hard enough. Getting your partner’s permission first is best because some people find it pleasurable while others find it painful. Also, the location is important, as your partner may be embarrassed later if it is visible.

#13. Air Kiss

This kissing style is more formal and is usually used to greet close friends and family. All you have to do is rest your cheek against the other person’s cheek and make a kissing sound.

#14. The Sugar Kiss

Sugar Kiss

If you and your partner have a sweet tooth, a sugar kiss is one of the best types of kisses. Look for foods that you both enjoy eating, such as ice cream, marshmallow fluff, chocolate, and so on, and kiss while they melt in your mouth. Who says snacking can’t be romantic?

#15. Underwater Kiss

If you and your partner can swim and stay underwater for a few seconds, this will be one of the best sexual adventures you’ve ever had. Partners hold their breath and kiss underwater in this location. Alternatively, one of the partners holds his or her breath underwater while the other gives the air.

#16. Drink Kiss

This one is pretty interesting and may take a few sessions to master. Here, one of the partners takes a sip of their favorite drink (you can try alcohol as well!) and tries to pour it into their partner’s mouth while kissing. Take a small sip first, and be prepared if the drink spills. Guess there’s another way to get drunk with your partner.

#17. Eskimo Kiss

This one was inspired by the way people in Eskimo culture do it. All you have to do is rub your nose against your partner’s nose. You can add your own personal touch by kissing in between. It would be amusing but sensual.

#18. Vacuum Kiss

Vacuum Kiss

The goal, as the name implies, is to suck air from your partner’s mouth. It is an open-mouthed kiss in which both partners kiss while sucking air from each other’s mouths and creating a vacuum. It may sound strange, but it is certainly worth a shot.

#19. Candy Kiss

Here’s how to relive your childhood memories in the most sensual way possible. Both partners put their favorite candies in each other’s mouths and exchange them while French kissing. For example, one partner may prefer the mint flavor, while the other prefers orange. We’re curious how your mouth would taste at the end of the act.

#20. Chin Kiss

This one is straightforward but erotic. Gently hold your partner’s chin with your middle, index, and thumb and tilt it to the right. Enjoy the kissing while holding it.

#21. Vampire Kiss

Channel your inner vampire and show your partner your wild side. Plant a deep kiss on their neck while sucking the area and gently biting it, just like vampires. You can also be a little raunchy and give a love bite. Because it may leave a red mark, make sure to consult with your partner first. Also, ensure that it is painful in a pleasurable way. I hope the message is clear.

#22. Jawline Kiss

This is yet another simple kissing style that can drive your partner insane. Start kissing your partner passionately on the bottom of their jaw—the area where their neck meets their face—to give them a jawline kiss. If they like it, take it a step further by kissing their earlobes and forehead.

#23. Wet Kiss

This style may not appeal to everyone, so make sure you know your partner’s preferences before attempting it. A wet kiss is an open-mouthed kiss that can be done with or without the use of your tongue. A little wetness while kissing can be enticing, but doing it excessively can be a messy affair. To make it even more interesting, try a few different kissing styles while you’re at it. Spend a few seconds on close-mouth, single-lip kisses with a little bit of biting to keep things steamy.

#24. Body Kiss

Body kisses, especially sensual ones, are an excellent way to indicate arousal to your partner. Some places to place a body kiss include the chest, stomach, torso, and legs.

#25. Wrist Kiss

A wrist kiss is a cute one that you can plant on your partner in public without going overboard with public displays of affection.

#26. Single-lip Kiss

The single-lip kiss is ideal for beginners. This kiss entails kissing your partner’s bottom lip while they kiss your top lip or vice versa. This is a playful tease of a kiss.

#27. Prolonged Kiss

A prolonged kiss is a deeply romantic one that many couples share after a long time apart and both parties do not want to break away. The iconic photograph of a World War II soldier kissing a nurse in Times Square is a good mental image of this kiss. This is a passionate and romantic kiss.

#28. Licking Kiss

Build anticipation with your partner by leaning in for a kiss but instead tracing the outline of their lips with your tongue.

#29. Kiss on the Palm of the Hand

When it comes to kissing, the palm of your hand is a highly sensitive area that is often overlooked. This is a good kiss to express your desire for your partner.

#30. Angel Kiss

The angel kiss, also known as an eye kiss, is placed on your partner’s closed eyelids. It expresses affection and can be a sweet way to wake your partner up in the morning.

#31. Blowing A Kiss

Blowing a kiss is a flirtatious and enjoyable way to say farewell. Before you go, pucker your lips and blow a kiss to your spouse.

#32. Forehead Kiss

A simple smooch on the forehead may not be the ~sexiest~ of kisses, but it is an adorable and tender gesture. A forehead kiss is frequently shared with a special someone because of its passionate and caring nature.

Kissing Tips

1. According to Brown-James, the first step to a good kiss is to ask for consent. “Along with consent, hydrating is key so that you’re not dry-mouthed,” she continues.

2. She recommends going slowly when you go in for the kiss. Too much too quickly can be overwhelming, but creating sexual tension gradually can make the experience much more pleasurable.

3. Don’t just use your lips; get your entire body involved. For a peck, you can delicately caress the person’s cheek or wrap your hands around their waist. Brown-James suggests that for a steamier Frenching session, let the hands roam, and the bodies melt into each other.

4. Kissing can sometimes slip by the wayside as couples become preoccupied with work and family or simply lose interest in each other. Engle recommends putting it on your calendar to help you prioritize it. “I know that doesn’t sound like the hottest thing ever, but it really works,” Engle says. “Set up 30-40 minutes solely for you and your partner to reconnect, kiss, cuddle, and even have sex if you’re in the mood for it.”

Which Type of Kiss Is Best?

French kiss tops the list of kisses

How Does a Girl Feel after Kissing?

Kissing releases serotonin, another feel-good chemical, in addition to oxytocin and dopamine, which cause feelings of affection and joy. It also reduces cortisol levels, helping you feel calmer and have a nice time all around.

What Does First Kiss Taste Like?

The kissing flavor of love is delicate and subtle, with a tiny sweetness to it. However, a brief tongue-in-kiss with a one-night stand often tasted like boiled potatoes water. It’s kind of bland and has a dull acid flavor all by itself. It has a somewhat unpleasant flavor.

Why Do We Kiss with Our Eyes Closed?

Most people can’t focus on something as close as a face at a kissing distance, so closing your eyes protects them from staring at a distracting blur or the strain of focusing. Kissing can often make us feel vulnerable or self-conscious; closing your eyes can help you relax.


Sharing a kiss with your spouse is an excellent method to strengthen your bond and show them how much you care in a variety of ways. After studying the different types of kisses and what they imply, you can confidently communicate your feelings to your spouse.

Don’t forget to take care of your oral health as you prepare to pucker up. A healthy mouth is essential for any kiss, so brush your teeth, prime your lips, and brighten up your smile with teeth-whitening products to put your best grin forward.

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